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I think this will be extremely useful. You guys took something we did, and you added to it in a way that will really add important value and really make the copyright system - in a way that it should - work much better.

Lawrence Lessig, Founder of CreativeCommons at the RC Launch-Event

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  • public certificate
  • permanent link to your work and license
  • full copyright, Creative Commons or GPL
  • earn money with double licensing


  • up to 3 FREE registrations per year
  • permanent online certificate
  • fair use storage of your work
  • digital timestamp valid for 35 years

Why register your work?

Authors and re-mixers need trust when publishing in the Internet. Registered Commons provides a permanent link to the work, its license and a digital timestamp. No matter if it's photography, poetry, a series of blog entries or an open source software project: Now anybody can have secure evidence about the author's permission for re-using it.


Joe Benso has produced an audio feature about Registered Commons. Listen to his motivation, to use the service:
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Producers can claim, when exactly they have created or published their work. And if you want to use the material, you have secure evidence about the conditions.

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Selo Homenagem Prof. Elon Lages Lima

registered by Pablo

Selo Homenagem Prof Elon Lages lima Papmem

Type: Image | Language: any other | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002349-1


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RPM Revista em CD 84-89

registered by Pablo

Versão digital da Revista do Professor de Matemática RPM editada pela SBM números 84 a 89

Type: Software | Language: any other | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002347-7


>> Work Details

Lady G

registered by Pablo

La obra intelectual consiste en el reordenamiento, compilación y nuevo enfoque del contenido parcial o total que surge de la página Facebook identificada como marcela.groppa (USER_ID 100008252202492) durante el período contado desde el 30/08/2015 hasta el 06/07/2016 inclusive.

Type: Document | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002344-3


>> Work Details

the swan song

registered by cristiancappai74

A song by leaving pulsar

Type: Audio | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002339-2


>> Work Details

siliguri escorts by hotrimpi

registered by rimpisigh

siliguri escorts by hotrimpi

high class vip independent model escorts

Type: Image | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002337-7


>> Work Details



registered by dvd


Type: Document | Language: multiple | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002335-3


>> Work Details

i think about you function

registered by shaodeva

a new function for istant Messaging, for example WhatsApp

Type: Document | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002333-0


>> Work Details


registered by LaChataAle

Blog-novela autobiográfica.

Type: Document | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002329-9


>> Work Details

Blog: No hay tal crisis

registered by LaChataAle

Blog personal.

Type: Interactive | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002331-1


>> Work Details

Il paziente pedodontico respiratore orale: aspetti ortodontici

registered by dottorantoniofico

Fisiologia della respirazione nasale Rapporti Tra respirazione e digestione Anatomia Comparata delle vie aeree superiori Nosologia della respirazione orale e suoi rapporti con facies adenoidea, postura avanzata della testa ed OSAS Importanza della ortodonzia nella diagnostica e nel trattamento del respiratore orale, della facies adenoidea, della postura avanzata della testa e delle OSAS

Type: Document | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002327-9


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