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So wie hier, wo ich mit dem random screen auf der ars electronica aufgetreten bin wissen alle, dass das von mir ist. Im Allgemeinen wäre es bestimmt sinnvoll, Werke zu registrieren.

Aram Bartholl, Berlin, New Media Artist

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  • public certificate
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  • full copyright, Creative Commons or GPL
  • earn money with double licensing


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Why register your work?

Authors and re-mixers need trust when publishing in the Internet. Registered Commons provides a permanent link to the work, its license and a digital timestamp. No matter if it's photography, poetry, a series of blog entries or an open source software project: Now anybody can have secure evidence about the author's permission for re-using it.


Joe Benso has produced an audio feature about Registered Commons. Listen to his motivation, to use the service:
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Producers can claim, when exactly they have created or published their work. And if you want to use the material, you have secure evidence about the conditions.

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registered by teintensivo

Digital Ilustrations

Type: Image | Language: any other | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002574-6


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El último partido

registered by klinsi

Carta de amor

Type: Document | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002571-5


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Sophia Shridhar

registered by Sophia Shridhar

Sophia Shridhar

My name is Sophia and I may be the best treat accessible! Other than an astounding body, i have a great identity... Thus, you can expect lively, unrushed and fun time. I want to work out each day and dependably look conditioned and fit. I will influence you to feel quiet the minute we meet. Fashionable, very much mannered, articulate, and all around voyaged. I want to giggle and can stay aware of an athletic discussion. I'm tied in with making an enduring impression and I pride myself on giving a non-hurried, supreme support of a tip top group of customers that I truly associate with. With a splendid personality, a body like no other, and extraordinary compared to other identities in the business, I'm the ideal eye candy for a night out or the ideal cuddle amigo for an evening in.

Type: Image | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002569-1


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Alia In Goa

registered by Alia Shridhar

Alia In Goa

In case you're the sort of man who buckles down, plays hard and recognizes what he needs, you've gone to the privilege place!I cherish my work yet am hopeless by nature; in this way spending time in the corporate world in some cases abandons me feeling confined.If you need the best life brings to the table since you give your best each day at that point I'm the woman for you.I've achieved that ideal age in life where I know my identity and what influences me to feel provocative, arousing and cheerful and I endeavor to pass that on to you! My identity is multifaceted and can go from exquisite and refined to vivacious and perky Have I provoked your advantage? I would love to be your sweetheart for an evening, night, or more!

Type: Image | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002567-7


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Yagle Web

registered by Yagle

Sitio Web de la mejor agencia SEO de España. Realizada por los mejores consultores SEO (y los más guapos)

Type: Document | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002565-7


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Unidad 4 Curso AA

registered by lulu

Unidad 4 del curso El acto administrativo: novedades de la Ley 39/2015. 1. La invalidez de los actos administrativos y sus grados. 2. La nulidad de pleno derecho. 3. La anulabilidad y las irregularidades no invalidantes.

Type: Document | Language: Español | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002563-2


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Military English Textbook for Cavalry Non-Commissioned Officers

registered by eethkee

Textbook for students of 3rd Course EMIES of Cavalry Academy of Spain. It covers the topics of the EET-8 module.

Type: Document | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002561-4


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registered by marinap

Una guida per educatori e adolescenti sui valori che contano, scoperti attraverso i testi di Harry Potter e testimoni del nostro tempo

Type: Document | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002559-6


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Summertime Punk

registered by thespots

A song extracted from the Spot single's Chelsea

Type: Audio | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002557-7


>> Work Details


registered by thespots

A song extracted fromthe single "Chelsea"

Type: Audio | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002555-5


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