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For the "Digital Organ", Bernhard used mainly music from the 1920ies to avoid legal problems.

Bernhard Pusch, Linz, Student of Interface Culture.

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Producers can claim, when exactly they have created or published their work. And if you want to use the material, you have secure evidence about the conditions.

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registered by jerome85

poesia costituita da distici endecasillabi a rima baciata

Type: Document | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002177-0


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Сборник 2010–2011 / Colection 2010–2011

registered by teor_ks

Стихи Алексея Михайлова, написанные в промежутке 2010-2011 годов.

Type: Document | Language: any other | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002175-1


>> Work Details


registered by passerby

Vocal acapella arrangement of the "October" piece from the "The Seasons" piano piece set by P.Tchaikovsky

Type: Document | Language: multiple | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002173-2


>> Work Details

Back on the Road

registered by Oldmarwie

Song by Sven Marwede ( TS - Projekt

Type: Audio | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002170-7


Preview: Back On The Road by TS- Projekt.mp3

>> Work Details


registered by aivosto

Icon for Fontitin, a computer program. Combined outline of two letters, a mirrored F and a regular F, drawn in dark blue.

Type: Image | Language: multiple | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002168-4


>> Work Details

So' tarantelle

registered by adimicco

Vocal version of the Tarantella del 600

Type: Audio | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002165-5


Preview: SoTarantelle.mp3

>> Work Details

Hymns by Andrew 2015

registered by Bagpuss

Hymns composed to date by Andrew Moore: Away in a Manger Christ Our King Is Risen This Day Dear Saviour, Be There For Me How Firm a Foundation How Long O Lord Most Holy and True I Know That My Redeemer Lives I Saw A Mighty Angel Fly I'll Put My Trust In Thee I'll Try My Best My Prayer Unto Thee (SATB and SAATB) Preach the Gospel Prophets In These Latter Days Sweet Hour of Prayer The House of the Lord The Spirit of God We Meet Again in Sabbath School When Christ Shall return When The Saviour Comes Again

Type: Document | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002163-4


>> Work Details


registered by LyLz

Personalized wedding

Type: Image | Language: English | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002160-0


>> Work Details


registered by lucabios

electro pop rock song

Type: Audio | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002157-7


>> Work Details


registered by lucabios

piano, voce, trombetta

Type: Audio | Language: Italiano | Grid: RC-01-LIZ0000002154-7


>> Work Details