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I think this will be extremely useful. You guys took something we did, and you added to it in a way that will really add important value and really make the copyright system - in a way that it should - work much better.

Lawrence Lessig, Founder of CreativeCommons at the RC Launch-Event

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The global south needs access to research results.


Ten years of RC!

We are celebrating on November 3rd 2016 at the metalab in Vienna


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emprendedor digital

registered by divertoki


Crónicas Improvisadas

registered by ladytartalo



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RegisteredCommons provides secure registration of authorship of creative workings, no matter if it's photography, poetry, a series of mp3 files or an open source software project. If somebody infringes the license associated to your work, your registration helps to prove your authorship.

In order to register your work, you need to sign-up. The trust level associated to your work is highest, if you use a personal certificate, such as by You can choose, which personal data is visible to others. After uploading a release of your work, we generate a hash code and request a secure timestamp from A-cert. You can generate yourself or order a printed and signed certificate, which you may file with your contracts.

We store the hash code for at least 7 years and the timestamp as well, if a stamp has beensuccessfully issued. Your work is being stored by fair-use principles. We do not guarantee its availablity, depending on used disk and backup space. Even if we do our best to have the data available 24/7, we can not be liable for data loss.

RegisteredCommons started in 2006 as a public-private partnership. The public partner, the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, located in the Austrian Alps close to the Swiss and German border, supprted research and provided infrastructure. Private partners were organised in the International Media Coop osAlliance. In 2012, the co-operative with all members was merged into ALLMENDA. Registered users of the service may also become shareholders. The co-op members keep control over the service through their vote in the general assembly. In 2015, the service maintenance was taken over by fairkom association.

The software has been developed by as a member of the Competence Network for Media Design and a member of osAlliance, using the database modeller spunQ. Its development was co-financed by FFG / FH-plus in 2006 and the service was launched in Berlin. Today, the software and service is maintained and hosted by fairkom.



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