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This page is for new feature ideas.


in progress

  • Localisation

We welcome any translation of the Localisations files. Just put result into this WIKI and notify stamp (at)


Show statistics on work description page: how often is a work description page retrieved?

Currently, there are no other urgent feature requests. If you have one, put it here.

RSS Feeds

Additional to the use of RSS-Feeds in all available readers we have created a small package to include the feeds in any other web-project. Please download the client here:


  • Allow harvesting for Open Archive [1] to allow syndication by e.g. Scientific Commons
  • Introduce OpenID [2], give two trust levels for it, implementation can be done e.g. with or
  • investigate furtehr options to check ID and determine Trust Level at RC. Candidates are: Trufina , credit card clearing, mobile phone number check
  • Fetch work from URL
  • Link tool for social network portals (to embed html code or add bookmark etc) such as
  • Offer to user, when looking at own work, to register another release of the work (for example a new version or using another resolution or codec), taking all metadata from current work
  • Drag & Drop registration from desktop (watch out for solutions at
  • Find similar / altered releases of work (investigate 3rd party solutions)
  • Bulk registration (client for all platforms?)
  • REST-style web services API, at least for fetching information

For feature requests see also


  • Double Licensing
  • Buy4Commons
  • Vouchers

All those features went live in spring 2009 after a beta testing phase. For details what we have done see Licensing Refinements.

  • Issuing signed certificates on paper
  • Shop
  • Comment
  • API
  • Extend License Templates (GPL, PD)
  • Allow registrant to hide work
  • Pre-Registration (Two Step registration) of works to allow linking to registration from inside works.

The development environment was located at Berlios until 2011. Ticktes are now collected at ALLMENDA.

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